Our Weapons

The traditional Martial Art of Tang Soo Do as taught by Grand Master Lee does not employ the weapons so often imported by some groups, ie sticks of various lengths, knives, swords, rice flails, fans, scarves and many others.

Our weapons as taught for many decades are those that are always available to us. Having said this there is no reason why the Traditional Martial Artist should not look to the imported weapons to help identify the dangers to oneself and applications from the patterns we are taught both defensively and offensively.

Our natural weapons, Hands, Head, Elbows, Forearms, Knees and Feet are always with us and then the ultimate weapon is the mind and knowledge which we need to employ to assist in our safety and protection.

As you progress through the traditional grading system you will be taught some of the possible applications of the patterns at that grade. So many people want to jump straight through and learn the more advanced techniques without having the foundations to build on.

Look upon your grading syllabus as the structure of a building.

First the foundations have to be solid, our basics which must be practiced over and over until they become second nature. If the basics are not solid then the whole structure is liable to collapse.

From this solid base we can then build upwards and be strong with confidence.

As we progress through the patterns the student will learn how to utilise all his bodily weapons against an assailant and with the correct study will learn not only striking techniques and targets but joint locks, throws, grabs, releases, chokes and pressure points.


Our main weapon has to be knowledge, the knowledge of dangers around us and to not allow ourselves to be in a dangerous situation. How often do we read in the news of people being attacked walking through a lonely park or down a dark alley at night, some even during daylight hours. We should all be aware of these potential danger spots. 

Personal Protection/awareness should always be to our forefront - the Martial Artist is a Thinking Fighter!!!

Head/earphones whilst walking around is a major danger to the extent of not even hearing traffic. I recently witnessed a pedestrian having to be pulled back from the path of an Emergency Ambulance with sirens blazing totally oblivious. (At least she picked the right vehicle, maybe would have needed the hearse though)

Don't walk on the unlit side of the street, always walk in the light

Walk with confidence, the person walking stooped and head down is always the prefered target when given the option against some-one who is standing tall and aware of their surroundings

Talking on your mobile phone is a distraction from what is happening around you, it is also prime to be snatched. If you need to take a call ensure it is safe and that you cannot be approached from behind without knowledge.

Keep money and wallet safe and out of easy reach, when using an ATM again keep your details, card , money etc safe from view.

You should always keep a hold of any bags you are using to carry your possessions.

Always scan your surroundings, use the reflections in shop windows to look around, if you are in a quiet area use your hearing. All these things can help to improve your safety.


Gun and Knife crimes are more prevalent nowadays in the UK and anyone who feels in danger from attacks of this sort should seek expert training by professional people.


Be aware, stay safe.

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