Our Region History.

Master Colin Baldantoni was appointed an Assistant Instructor in 1996 as a Cho Dan under Master Kieth Burns by Grandmaster Lee (UKTSDF) and then Regional Instructor in 1998 when Master Kieth Burns retired from active teaching. With just a small group of students at that time we have continued to grow as a region and we had many successes at  UKTSDF Championships through the UK and Internationally, many students winning Gold medals in their categories.

Several of our students represented the United Kingdom in the International Tang Soo Do Federation Championships held around the world winning Gold and Silver & Bronze medals.

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In 2016 the decision was made to follow the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation and the 'Great Warrior' Grand Master Ho Sik Pak. This will enable the Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do UK to continue to develop and grow in all aspects of Martial Arts following the strict guidlines of Grand Master Pak.

Tang Soo Do - Moo Duk Kwan is a traditional art and its study helps to develop a mental and physical well being as you learn an effective Korean Martial Art of self defence. Our gradings are held every two months by a panel of senior Instructors, Dan gradings are conducted by a European panel of Instructors to ensure a high standard of Traditional Martial Arts. As our membership grows so does our Tang Soo Do family, so come along and start your journey to a 'Better Way of Life'.


Contacts in the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation. Please follow the links or contact Grand Master Pak.





Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Ambassador & Technical Advisor for the HRWTSDF in Europe contact Master Colin Baldantoni

email ftsda2005@gmail.com


The Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Federation in SPAIN visit


Chief Instructor Master Colin Baldantoni


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in Greece

Master Konstantinos Trigonis



Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in the United Kingdom

Master Ricki Baldantoni

Master Lisa Coupe




HwaRang Tang Soo Do Belgium

Master Jean-Marie Spreutels

Instagram soobahkdojemeppe



Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in Chile


Pablo Andres Ramirez Figueroa




HwaRang Tang Soo Do in Brazil

Master Marcio Souza


tlf mobile +55 12 98807-8583



Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do UK (Moo Duk Kwan)