Tang Soo Do

Although being a relatively modern martial art Tang Soo Do is based on the Ancient Korean Art of Soo Bahk Do, dating back many centuries. A composite style it is 60% Soo Bahk Do, 30% Northern Chinese and 10% Southern Chinese. Our Kicking techniques are based on Soo Bahk Do, and the soft flowing movements from the Southern Chinese Systems.

Korea has a long history of civilisation. Like all ancient civilisations, it has periodically engaged in military activity. This has led to the building up of a martial tradition extending to now. During the 4th century A.D., wandering monks from China introduced Buddhism to Korea. Some of these were accomplished martial artists, as indeed they had to be for their own safety. There are reliable records of them teaching lay people martial arts.

The Silla Dynasty (A.D. 668 - 935) was a period when the martial arts expanded rapidly in Korea. The Kingdom of Silla was one of the three Kingdoms in Korea. It occupied the south eastern part of the Korean Peninsula. It was notable for the military prowess of its young warrior class, the Hwa Rang. the five basic principles of Tang Soo Do derive from the principles of these elite warriors.

At the beginning of the Yi Dynasty (A.D. 1390 - 1907), the National Martial Arts Manual, "Moo Yei Do Bo Tong Ji", was published, and the term "Soo Bahk Do" ("way of hand fighting") became widely used. During the occupation of Korea by Japan (1907 - 1945) the practice of native martial arts was prohibited. This prohibition forced many Korean Soo Bahk Do Masters to emigrate, or to practice secretly.

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