Moo Duk Kwan

Tang Soo Do was developed by Grandmaster Hwang Kee, who having mastered the art of Tae Kyun (not related to Tae Kwon Do) and Soo Bahk Do at the age of 22 travelled to northern China . It was here that he studied a Chinese variation of Martial Artistry called the Tang Method and on his return to Korea founded the Moo Duk Kwan school of Tang Soo Do after the liberation of Korea in 1945.

Tang Soo Do/ Moo Duk Kwan is not a sport. Though it has great combat applications it is not essentially competitive. By studying the art one can build personal maturity, intellectually, physically and emotionally. This helps the individual to manage stressful situations in a calm manner


Who's Who in Tang Soo Do

Contacts in the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation. Please follow the links or contact Grand Master Pak.


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Ambassador & Technical Advisor for the HRWTSDF in Europe contact Master Colin Baldantoni



The Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Federation in SPAIN visit 

Chief Instructor Master Colin Baldantoni


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in Greece

Master Konstantinos Trigonis


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in the United Kingdom

Master Ricki Baldantoni

Master Lisa Coupe


HwaRang Tang Soo Do Belgium

Master Jean-Marie Spreutels

Instagram soobahkdojemeppe



Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in Chile


Pablo Andres Ramirez Figueroa




HwaRang Tang Soo Do in Brazil

Master Marcio Souza


tlf mobile +55 12 98807-8583



Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do UK (Moo Duk Kwan)