Senior Master Colin Baldantoni receiving 7th Dan Promotion by Grand Master Hosik Pak.

With Martial Arts Private training you will achieve your goals much sooner than a standard classroom or group session environment. The sessions are focused on you.

All Private sessions are customised to suit your goals and objectives. Whether it’s to become proficient in one or many of our martial art aspects or maybe you want to improve fitness & burn fat! We also have a regular grading system that allows you to set some training goals along the way!

All HRTSDUK Martial Arts instructors are experienced coaches & are qualified to teach under the guidlines set by Sport England and the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation.

Several of our Regions Instructors have already represented Great Britain in World Championships winning several gold medals under the guidance and training  of Master R Baldantoni (2x World Champion).



For more details contact Master R Baldantoni on 07522663897 or



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Contacts in the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation. Please follow the links or contact Grand Master Pak.


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Ambassador & Technical Advisor for the HRWTSDF in Europe contact Master Colin Baldantoni



The Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Federation in SPAIN visit 

Chief Instructor Master Colin Baldantoni


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in Greece

Master Konstantinos Trigonis


Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in the United Kingdom

Master Ricki Baldantoni

Master Lisa Coupe


HwaRang Tang Soo Do Belgium

Master Jean-Marie Spreutels

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Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do in Chile


Pablo Andres Ramirez Figueroa




HwaRang Tang Soo Do in Brazil

Master Marcio Souza


tlf mobile +55 12 98807-8583



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